Discover Naam Science

Naam Science uses the technology of Naam Yoga® therapies
restoring the flow of vital energy throughout the entire body

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Sound Therapy

Experience the healing power of the sound vibration through mantra.

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The world of Cymatics

Cymatics makes sound visible

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Breath Therapy

As the breath regulates all systems, it also regulates the mind

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Movement Therapy

Movement for brain and nerve optimization

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Discover how to integrate our therapeutic approach into your life, business, practice or hospital.


For the last 30 years, I have explored almost every kind of learning, personal growth or healing/therapy modality along the way, so when I make this next statement, it is not made lightly at all. This work is transformational. 

It helped me in a myriad of emotional, physical…” More

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Community Classes

Therapeutic Programs

The Naam Yoga® Therapies program is specifically tailored to benefit many health concerns. These therapeutic classes employ a combination of therapeutic and preventative advanced techniques to support  the nervous, circulatory, hormonal, immune system and more.


Current Classes

Our Naam Yoga® Therapies program, is specifically tailored to benefit those with any health concern as well as a prevention method for all in good health.

Brain & Nervous System
Heart and Circulation
The Immune System
Thyroid & Hormonal Health

Community Outreach

We are committed to providing community service and partnerships furthering our mission to empower and support the healing process, expanding the outreach of service and access through our community alliances and outgoing outreach.

Step-Up on Second
Sojourn Women’s Shelter
Ocean Park Community Ctr
Dept. of Mental Health

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